What actually is baptism?

It is the first and necessary stage of Christian initiation. It is the Sacrament by which we share in the redemption offered by Christ, by which we join the community of Faith which is the Church and by which we are incorporated into the life of Christ – the eternal life of the Risen Christ.

Since it is the parents who ask to have their child baptised and who accept the duty and responsibility for the Catholic upbringing of the child, they themselves must express their faith in word and by their Catholic way of life. They should realise the importance of a baptism in the life of the family and prepare for the day by suitable instruction. We have a compulsory Baptism preparation course lasting two sessions at the Cathedral.

The Rite of Baptism presumes both parents to be taking part in the ceremony, assisted by well chosen godparents, that the child is given a Christian name, i.e. the name of a saint, and that the conferring of this sacrament implies a firm commitment on the part of the parents to a faithful and loyal practice of the faith.

How do I go about getting my child baptised?

Any parent(s) wishing for their child to be baptised should print out and complete the following form and return it to the Cathedral either at Mass or by post as soon as possible:

Please note: dates for baptisms are discussed upon completion of the Baptism Course.

In an emergency, what SHOULD i do?

  1. In danger of death the priest should be called in; but in extreme cases as a last resort anyone may baptise

  2. Pour water on the head and say THESE EXACT WORDS at the same time: "<Name of person>, I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

  3. Use Holy Water if you have a supply in the house; otherwise use ordinary water from the tap. Pour water on the forehead and let it flow back over the head. Speak the words clearly. You must tell the priest that he/she has been privately Baptised in all circumstances.

Baptism Form

Baptism Application Form All Parishes.pdf