The Cathedral Chapter

The Chapter of Canons is attached to Middlesbrough Cathedral. 

The Diocesan Bishop appoints each Canon.

Once appointed and installed, Canons remain in office until they are 75, when they are requested to offer their resignation from the Chapter to the Diocesan Bishop. 

When a Canon has resigned from the Chapter, he is known as a Canon emeritus. 

The head of the Chapter is known as the Provost.

According to the general law of the Church, the role of the Chapter is to celebrate the more solemn liturgical functions in the Cathedral. 

In the Diocese of Middlesbrough, the Chapter functions as the College of Consultors, which advises the Bishop on specific issues laid down in the law. 

By custom, should the Diocese become vacant, the Chapter, having been convened by the Provost, chooses a priest to administer the Diocese until the Pope appoints a new Bishop.

The Diocesan Bishop may appoint Honorary Canons who are not part of the Chapter but may use the title ‘Very Reverend Canon’ and wear the prescribed canonical dress. 

The Cathedral Chapter

Very Rev Canon David Grant (Provost)

Rt Rev Mgr Canon David Hogan

Very Rev Mgr Canon Gerard Robinson VG

Very Rev Canon Paul Farrer

Very Rev Canon Edmond Gubbins

Very Rev Canon Michael Loughlin

Very Rev Canon John Lumley

Very Rev Canon Stephen Maughan

Very Rev Canon Alan Sheridan

Very Rev Canon Jeremiah Twomey

Honorary Canons

Rt Rev Mgr Canon Ricardo Morgan

Rt Rev Mgr Canon Gerard Dasey

Very Rev Canon Patrick Harney

Very Rev Canon Patrick Hartnett

Very Rev Canon John Loughlin

Very Rev Canon Michael Ryan

Very Rev Canon Michael Bayldon